Lighthouse SpA

- Model 4 - Directional Waverider Buoys



Specializing in the marine environment, Datawell developed the basic principles of the gravity stabilized long period motion sensors. That, in combination with designs for very low power electronics, resulted in the Waverider® (1968), the Wavec buoy (1983) and Directional Waverider® buoy (1988).

  • wave motion sensor based on a stabilised platform, accelerometers, and magnetic compass
  • measures wave height for wave periods of 1 to 30 seconds, accuracy 0.5 % of measured value
  • measures wave direction
  • measures surface current
  • measures water temperature
  • GPS for buoy monitoring and tracking through HF link
  • internal logger
  • power switch
  • LED flash antenna
  • 0.9 m (0.7 m) diameter spherical hull of AISI 316 including eccentric mooring eye
  • optional Cunifer hull, warranted not to corrode
  • 1.6 years (10 months) battery life
  • optional Compact Air Temperature
  • optional HF transmitter range 50 km over sea
  • optional Iridium SBD module for ocean wide coverage and unlimited range  
  • optional Iridium Internet module
  • optional Argos module for ocean wide coverage and unlimited range
  • optional GSM internet module for data transmission via the GSM network
  • optional Solar Panel system
  • optional hull painting

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