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- Model CA80TP - Total Phosphorus Analyzer System



Total phosphorus analyzer for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater. Phosphorus is the decisive factor for excessive algae and plant growth in water bodies, that's why continuous monitoring of this parameter is essential. The Liquiline System TP analyzer offers precise online measurement of total phosphorus and ensures highest process safety. Automatic calibration and cleaning save you operating costs while advanced diagnostics with remote access support you in providing process documentation to the authorities.

  • Molybdenum blue method according to EN ISO 6878:2004 guarantees direct comparability to laboratory results

  • Meeting industry needs: The analyzer is perfectly suited for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater

  • Fast and easy process integration: Direct installation of self-priming version or y-strainer for bypass applications

  • Safety on the highest level: Software-controlled safety cover for the reactor and all heated parts. Additional safety light barrier prevents overdosing of reagents and sample.

  • Combination of reliable sample delivery and high-precision dosing: Peristaltic pumps are able to cope with particles in the sample. Light barriers enable precise, reproducible dosing.

  • Enhanced reagent lifetime thanks to optional cooling module

  • Easy upgrade of functionality to a complete measuring station - simply by adding modules and connecting Memosens sensors.

The Liquiline System TP analyzer monitors:

  • Inlet and outlet of wastewater treatment plants for documentation purposes and calculation of the cleaning capacity

  • Discharges of industrial wastewater treatment plants to determine discharge fees and to support the polluter-pays-principle

  • Process water

  • Measuring principle


  • Characteristic

    Analyzer for total phosphorus

  • Size

    793 x 530 x 417 mm
    31.22 x 20.87 x 16.42 in
    Stand housing

  • Design

    Open design, cabinet and stand housing
    High-Performance plastic ASA-PC, additional stand coated steel

  • Process temperature

    4 ... 40 °C (39.2 ... 104 °F)

  • Ambient temperature

    5 ... 40C ( 41 ... 104F)

  • Process pressure

    at atmospheric pressure, < 0.2 bar

  • Sample flow rate

    min. 5 ml/min

  • Consistency of the sample

    low solid content(TS<50mg/l), homogeneous

  • Specials

    Easy upgrade to measuring station with up to four digital Memosens sensors

    Automatic calibration and cleaning

    User-configurable measuring, cleaning and calibration intervals

    Self-priming analyzer with optical dosing unit l

    Dilution module (optional)

    Digital communication for remote access

  • Application

    Monitoring and optimization of the cleaning capacity of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

    Monitoring of the wastewater treatment plant outlet for documentation purposes

    Monitoring and optimization of activated sludge basins

  • Power supply

    100 ... 120 VAC / 200 ... 240 VAC ± 10%
    24 VDC ± 10%
    50 ± 1 oder 60 ± 1,2 Hz

  • Output

    2x 0/4 ... 20 mA
    Webserver, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profibus DP

  • Input

    1 or 2 measuring channel

    1 ... 4 digitale sensor inputs for sensors with Memosens protocol (optional)

  • Measurement range

    0.05 ... 10 mg/l
    0.5 ... 50 mg/l

  • Consumables

    Reagents and standard solutions CY80TP are necessary for the operation.

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