QA Supplies LLC

QA Supplies LLC

Manual Test Stand



Provides an easy to use and accurate platform to perform firmness tests with any of our handheld penetrometers. Gives smooth movement and precise alignment with a rugged rack and pinion lever elevating mechanism traveling on two guideposts with tight fitting bushings. The penetrometers simply screw onto a mounting plate that easily attaches to the elevating mechanism.

  • Large 10' x 10' stainless steel platform; 6' x 10' work area
  • Steel rack and pinion elevating mechanism
  • Steel guide posts with teflon coated bushings
  • Generous 8' vertical gage travel; 3' clearance from guide posts
  • Maximum vertical clearance is approximately 8'
  • Weight: 8 pounds. Dimensions: 12' H x 10' W x 10' D

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