Arges Treatment Machinery Company

Arges Treatment Machinery Company

MBBR Wastewater Treatment Package Plant



Effluent water can be discharged to inland water or it can be used as irrigation water. Initial investment cost and annual operational cost are very small. System is designed to keep the expenditures minimum for power, personnel or disinfectant.

  • The capacity can be increased without major changes.
  • System withstands to seasonal load variations
  • Heat isolation is easy in cold winter conditions
  • Area need for the plant is small. For different capacities see the brochure.
  • System does not permit odours, flies and microbes. It does not interfere to residents.
  • Plant can easily transported form one place to another.
  • Outer side can be painted as desired so that it gains an aesthetic view.
  • Control room is separate. System operates without noise.
  • It can easily start -up.
  • System uses very high efficient diffusers
  • All submerged parts are well protected from rust

  • Villages and small communities
  • Hotels and resort areas,
  • Construction sites,
  • Gas stations ,
  • Service stations, 
  • Camping sites ,

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