- Standard Weather Monitoring System


McCrometer CONNECT offers growers numerous choices in weather monitoring for agriculture irrigation. McCrometer CONNECT has the tools and data to assist irrigation managers in making the smart choice for Irrigation Management. Wind speed can have a significant effect on many farm management processes, from frost protection to agricultural spraying. Standard Weather Monitoring, such as the Cell or Satellite Packages below, include a wind speed sensor in addition to the temperature, relative humidity, and rain gauge available with any Basic Weather Package. Similar to other weather inputs, wind speed may vary significantly from region to region, especially due to a change in topography.


Cell Package* provides data every 15 minutes, including alarms for critical events for crop monitoring. This package is ideal for monitoring variability in wind speed throughout the day in addition to rainfall data and frost protection benefits.


Satellite Package* provides data every two hours, including alarms for critical events. This Package is ideal for calculating average daily wind speed in addition to rainfall data and frost protection benefits.

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