Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH

- Model K15 - Catalytic Gas Purifier System



The catalytic gas purifier also removes hydrocarbons and CO from the treated zero gas. This gas free of HC and CO is suitable as process and carrier gas for gas chromatographs and to produce calibration gas for CO/HC analyzers. For process and zero air free of CnHm and CO.

  • Input pressure: max. 10 bar
  • Output pressure: 2 ... 4 bar, adjustable
  • Max. throughput: 15 l/min at 3 bar
  • Process: catalytic oxidation on heated Pd converter
  • Efficiency: > 99,5 % for BTX/C3Hm, 99,9 % for CO, ethylene
  • Connected load: 220 V 50 Hz / 400 to 600 VA
  • Abmessungen: 19 inch / 4RU tabletop case or rack mount
  • Other: pressure controller and manometer to set output pressure, temperature of catalytic gas purifier can be set as high as 500°C, displays catalyst nominal and actual temperature

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