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Medium Head Open Set Pumps



The Autoprime range of AC, L, PM and PE general purpose pumps offer the advantage of the lower cost package but with the opportunity to pick and choose the level of technology that is required.

The AC (Air Cooled) L (Long Coupled) ranges are the traditional range that has been in use for many years in many applications. The range offers a slightly higher head capability than the PM/PE range. Pumps sizes from 2' (50mm) to 8' (200mm).

The PM series range brings in more efficient pump ends with a higher flow capability than the L Series and elongated solids handling capability. Fitted with a mechanical priming system identical to the L Series but with the added benefit of the low emission coalescer and higher capacity vacuum pump used on the Q-Series range.

The PE series takes the technology a stage further in addition to those benefits experienced with the PM range there is the added bonus of the electric priming system that senses when the pump is primed saving on fuel costs and wear & tear. The PE priming system is identical to that used on SPP Pumps award winning Q-Series.

  • Ground water control
  • Mine dewatering
  • Wellpoing dewatering
  • Industrial sludge pumping
  • Tank sediment cleaning
  • Flood relief
  • Emergency service pumping
  • Pipe relining
  • Marine ballasting
  • Sewage over-pumping
  • Plus many more

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