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Mini Silos



A.L.I. ice-storage and distribution MINISILOS are designed for small quantities of ice: they contain between 7 and 30 cubic metres and the parts in direct contact with the ice are made of stainless steel. The minisilos have an unloading speed regulator as standard equipment, and can dispense up to 12 tons of ice per hour. The minisilos have a simpler structure, which means they can be transported to the installation site almost completely assembled, thus reducing on-site assembly time.

The main advantages of our silo and minisilo are as follows:

  • Completely automated ice distribution, thus guaranteeing greater hygiene, ease of operation and safety than can be obtained using a manual system.
  • Use of all the ice that is made, thus avoiding waste and the formation of hard blocks.
  • Facilitates inclusion in complex automatic weighing and distribution systems.
  • Reliability and robustness of the mechanical parts (the first silos, installed in 1975, are still working today).
  • Ease of use and maintenance.

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