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Mistras Group Inc

- Remote Ethernet UT Module



The Remote-UT Module is a compact, yet complete, standalone Ultrasonic System in a rugged weather resistant enclosure. It can even be battery operated (optional) when used in conjunction with a portable scanner. It contains a complete, embedded Windows 7™ operating system with several communication interfaces, an Ultrasonic pulser and receiver, a 100 MSPS digitizer, a real-time UT digital signal processor, and up to 3-axis motion controller.

The RE-UT works well with Gantry or large immersion systems when configured as a remote P/R and digitizer when configured to a host computer. And it can even be configured as a complete UT Flaw System that also includes 3-axis motion control. PC and C-Scan software.

  • Installed closer to transducers on gantry or immersion system for lowest noise operation
  • Single element or annular array transducer configurations available
  • Complete system for portable scanners
  • Full UTwin™ C-Scan Software operation
  • CPU interface via Ethernet as remote pulser/receiver
  • Multichannel use for tubing and bar inspection with scrolling digital strip chart display
  • Simultaneous Pulse Echo & thru-transmission
  • Retrofit to existing UT gantries and scanners

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