Mobile and Pilot Units



H2O Innovation offers various types of mobile units for water purification and/or wastewater treatment. These units are specially designed to provide emergency service, and can also be used in feassibility studies, even under difficult operating conditions. The mobile Units developed by H2Oinnovation for emergency and pilot-opertion use are trus modular treatment plants. Custom-built to meet specific needs of treatment and the capacities required, they are assembled inside containers, caravans, or trailers (insulated if necessary). These compact filtration plants are capable of treating from 50 to 750 m3 of water per day. Thy produce safe, high quality water while keeping the use of chemicals to a minimum.

Pilot units are used in feasibility studies. They enable the acquisition of data to confirm the viability of the process, the projected operational costs and the full scale design parameters.

  • Continuously-operating turbidity meter
  • Continuously-operating particle counter
  • Laptop computer for acquisition of the following data:
  • Pre-filter pressures
  • Membrane operating pressures
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • Input and permeate flows
  • Sampling apparatus for laboratory analyses

Along with food, shelter, and sanitation, safe drinking water is the highest priority intervention in humanitarian emergency situations such as natural disasters. Readiness is of critical importance.

H2O Innovation® has developed an autonomous trailer-based mobile water treatment system which can produce drinking water in minutes, from either surface, underground or brackish water sources. Easy to operate, this compact filtration unit is capable of delivering a volume or drinking water equivalent to 78,000 x 500 ml bottles, every day.

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