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Model 16T - Semi Continuous Waste Tyre(plastic) Pyrolysis Plant



Integral design, no need to precast foundation, quick and easy installation. Airtight high temperature material feed, saving heating time and reduce the temperature loss. Adopt multilevel cooling design to get more fuel oil. Hot air heating, unique heat cycle design, heated more evenly, reducing the operating cost. Airtight high temperature slag, no dust, clean and environmentally friendly.

  1. Broken tyre transported to feeder firstly by conveyor, then to reactor.
  2. Oil and gas from pyrolysis go into gas-liquid separating tower and separate, and enter into condenser to liquify , to get fuel oil, then enter into oil storage tank.
  3. Coarse carbon black and steel wire from pyrolysis are output by automatic slag remover, transported to carbon black processing system by cooling hoist. Separate steel wire and carbon black through the magnetic separator,to get  industrial carbon black and steel wire.
  4. Shatter carbon black, to get industrial carbon black after deeply processing. Steel wire compressed into a piece of scrap processing.
  5. Flammable gas enter into waste gas process tank to desulfur. Then extracted by vacuum pump, enter into water sealed tank and send to hot air furnace to burn.

  • Item : 16 T semi-continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant
  • Type : XFLJ--16
  • Capacity : 16T/D
  • Operating temperature : <650°
  • Material : Q345R
  • Fuel consumption in operation : 200kg
  • Heating way : Hot air circulation heating
  • Tire requirement : Tyre piece <50mm
  • Working pressure : Normal pressure
  • Methods of flame retardant : Steam Blow
  • Total power : 160 kw
  • Running power : 75kw/h
  • Boundary dimension : 7300mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 3100mm(H) x 2
  • Floor space : 25000 mm x 11500 mm
  • The highest install elevation : 5000 mm
  • Labor : 3-4 people
  • Working life : 5-7 year

  • Oil: 40-45%
  • Carbon black: 32-36%
  • Steel wire: 14-16%
  • Syn gas 5-8%

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