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Model AC32M - Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer



The new Chemiluminescent NO-N02-NOx analyzer, model AC32M, combines our 20 years of experience with its predecessors AC30M & AC31M, with an enhanced electronics package and a modular component parts design. The outcome is an ultra compact and light- rack 3U, easy-to-use, che-miluminescence based analyzer capable of measuring nitrogen oxides at ppb levels. Applied to nitrogen oxides measurement, Chemiluminescence corresponds to an oxidation of NO molecules by 03 molecules. The return to a fundamental electronic state of the excited N02 molecules is made by luminous radiation, detected by the PM tube.

The model AC32M is a state-of-the-art single chamber- single photomultiplier tube design which automatically cycles between the NO and NOx modes. It was developed to meet the customer's requirement for reduced and easier maintenance with high metrology. It combines a powerful, easy-to-use interface with quality com¬ponents and design technology.

Real-time calibration graphs can be displayed during span check operation. Multi-tasking software, combined with the LCD graphic display, gives a user-friendly access to the instrument set-up, as well as the status and maintenance parameters. Real-time] synoptic, auto-diagnostic and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating. The new electronics allow enhanced data storage of more than one month of 15 minute averages, and total remote troubleshooting diagnostic capabilities via modem, using the analyzer's complete display and functions emulation.

Equipped with the optional ESTEL I/O analog & digital board, the AC32M can be easily interfaced with other equipment and can be operated as a stand alone unit able to store several months of data.

Main features :

  • Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Interactive menu driven software with enhanced speed display
  • Real-time synoptic flow diagram display
  • User programmable ranges and average times
  • Autoranging
  • Automatic response time
  • Real time calibration graph
  • Built-in storage of one month average data (up to 6 months with the optional memory extension)
  • Built-in double serial interface (RS232/RS422) for remote control maintenance
  • Analyzer approved by: French LCSQA

Major fields of applications :

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Indoor air monitoring
  • Mobile laboratory
  • NO2 trace measurement in medical gases
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) by dilution extraction

New analyzer

  • Ultra compact and light - rack 3U
  • Single chamber technology
  • SMD enhanced electronics
  • High metrology
  • Enhanced data logging functions
  • ISO 7996 compliant

Reduced maintenance

  • New converter oven with interchangeable cartridges -2 years life time
  • Very low span drift
  • Ease and accessibility of components
  • Traceability of parts and consumables
  • Remote maintenance and telediagnostics

Specifications :

  • Ranges: 0-0,05/0,1/0.2/0,5/1/2/5/10/ 20 ppm or user selectable ranges
  • Autoranging between two user specified ranges
  • Noise (a): 0.2 ppb
  • Lower detectable limit {2d): 0.4 ppb
  • Response time: automatic and programmable (minimum 30 sec)
  • Zero drift: less than 0.5 ppb/24 h, less than 1 ppb / 7 days
  • Span drift: less than 0.5 % / 24 h, less than 1 %/7days
  • Linearity: ± 1 % of F.S.
  • Sample flow rate: 0.7 Ipm
  • Ozone flow rate: 0.06 Ipm
  • Averaging time: programmable from 1minto24 hours
  • Data storage: more than one month quarterly average values
  • External sample pump with zero air scrubber
  • Chassis: 19' rack mountable, 3U
  • Dimensions: 545 mm x 483 mm x 133mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight: 13 kg (287 lbs), without pump
  • Power :115 V, 60 Hz-230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption : 250 VA
  • Operating temperature: 5 - 40 °C (typical as per US EPA 10-35° C)
  • Digital output; 2 RS 232 or RS 422 ports
  • PVDF sample filter holder

Options :

  • ESTEL electronic board (1 or 2) with :
    • 4 independent analog inputs
    • 4 independent analog outputs
    • 4 remote control inputs
    • 6 dry contacts
  • Valves block for selection of customer-supplied zero and span gas
  • Built-in permeation bench with N02 tube and Filter - Valves block
  • Built-in NH3* NO converter for low level NH3 monitoring
  • Memory extension (6 months 1/4 average values)
  • Wall mounted weather proof enclosure

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