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The oleodynamic compactor (or piping press) is used for compacting the solid residue of riddling and filtering of liquid sewage coming from civil and industrial plants. The machine is used for dehydration, compacting and piping of treated material.

DEHYDRATION: There is a reduction of liquid substance; therefore there is a reduction of weight as well. Furthermore we don’t need perforated containers or draining containers. It is possible to make a cheap incineration.

COMPACTING: The volume of solid material will be reduced (about ¼ of the primary volume); therefore discharge expenses will be cut down.

PIPING: The pressed material will be piped into a special closed pipe; afterwards all the material will be lifted up to the collecting container. The final side of the pipe can end in a plastic sack or in a continuous sacking-container. In this way workers can avoid any contact with the material.

The machine is made in two standard models which are different between them about the body of the machine. The diameter of the CP-DN 250 model measures 273 mm., while the diameter of the CP-DN 350 model measures 355 mm.

Each standard model is made in six types which are different about the stroke length of the compacting piston. The suitable strokes measure from 500 to 1000 mm. with gaps of 100. The whole operation makes it possible to fit better the compactor to the discharge inlet of the screen or the discharge inlet of the conveyor from which the compactor receives the material for pressing. This operation doesn’t need big hoppers. You should consult the cards concerning technical notes if you would get a complete specification about the overall dimensions, the capacity and the power. The compactor is composed of a main body which extremities are flanged. The hydraulic piston will be lifted up and the piping will be flanged at the same time. A rectangular flange is suitable for the assembly of the loading hopper.

The piston must be operated by a hydraulic power plant; the piston presses the solid material inside of the machine and it dehydrates all the material at the same time. The necessary pressure for compacting is caused by a friction of the material inside of the piping. The rest of the pressure is necessary for lifting the dehydrated material. The separated water is collected in a tank; afterwards the water will be drained away at the top of the plant. Both the loading hopper and the piping must be fitted to answer to the requirements of the plant. The characteristics of this machine are strength, best assurance and long lasting.

The oleodynamic compactor is made of different materials: hot zinc-plated standard–finished carbon steel (sand-blasting and epoxy cycle) or completely in stainless steel AISI 304-316. In every type the compacting piston is always in stainless steel. The hydraulic power plant is put apart from the machine and it can be supplied with the control electric panel or without it.
The machine is furnished with CE mark and it can be supplied with different optional fittings.

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