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Model EHP-DL6 or EHP-DL12 - Surface Water Level Monitoring System


The EHP-Quality Monitoring System consists of either a EHP-DL6 or EHP-DL12 data logger with a gsm/gprs modem, level sensor, accumulators and solar panels. The data logger is programmed to monitor, process and transmit the data collected by the level sensor to a single pc, an automation system or to the internet.

  • EHP-QMS is suitable for surface water level monitoring and also for surface water quality monitoring in field conditions;
  • In order to monitor surface water level the suitable level sensor is connected to EHP-QMS;
  • Size: max. 250 x 350 x 450 mm;
  • Weight: 5 - 10 kg;
  • Operating temperature is -40 °C…+85 °C;
  • Integrated gsm/gprs-modem for data transmitting;
  • Capacity of accumulator is 7200 mAh which gives energy typically for a year;
  • SMS, ASCII or mA-form can be used for transmitting data;
  • Monitoring interval starts from 1 minute and data transmitting interval starts from 10 minutes;
  • Possibility to transmit also alarms in case the measurements exceed the threshold limits;

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