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Model EP-IR - Encoded Photometric Infrared Spectrometer



Most crucial chemical analysis and monitoring challenges occur outside of theanalytical laboratory. Whether testing for trace toxins in a pharmaceuticalmanufacturing plant, measuring emissions in environmental applications ormonitoring agricultural and food manufacturing processes , Aspectrics offers themost innovative technologies designed for real-world situations.

Built on the revolutionary Encoded Photometric Infrared (EP-IR) spectroscopyplatform, the Aspectrics chemical analysis and monitoring engines are optimizedfor real-world applications with unprecedented stability to temperature, vibrationand other environmental variables. What’s more, the Aspectrics EP-IR monitoringengines simultaneously employ 256 photometric channels and complete 100 scansper second for fast, accurate measurements.

Encoding Disc (heart of EP-IR technology)

Up to 256 discrete wavelength channelsencoded for analysis of complex mixturesUp to 100 scans per second enables rapiddata averaging for ppb sensitivityPhotolithographic disc manufacturing process ensures superior unit-to-unit reproducibilityOptional custom disc patterns further optimizeapplication-specific analytical performanceVibration insensitiveRotating disc drive motor technology for long-term reliability

Compact (short path) Spectrograph

Efficient optical design for superiorsignal-to-noise performanceDual spectrograph option enablesredundant modules or multiple wave-length ranges in a single unitUltra-low drift performance for extend-ed calibration intervalsNIR and mid-IR ranges availableTE-cooled high speed detectorsmatched to wavelength requirements

I / O

RS232 and Ethernet are standardPC104 expansion slots accommodate custom I/Orequirements, including displays, telemetry, exter-nal data and controls4 channels DAC; 8 channels ADC

Embedded High-Speed Computer

Enables real-time Discrete Fourier Transforms(>100/second) for immediate data treatment andanalysis.Ease of integration through MyInstrument™interface to any external data processing or chemo-metrics program (GRAMS™, Symbion™, SID, etc.)Optional on-board chemometrics for stand-alone operation


Compact rugged design & packagingWide temperature operating rangeEngineered for operation in harshprocess environments


Wavelength range- available in near-IR and mid-IR ranges
Speed- full spectrum information refreshed up to 100 times/second
Wavelength Accuracy- + / - 0.1 cm-1 precision at 2000 cm-1
Spectral Data- up to 256 data channels providing all relevant spectral information
High Sensitivity- Parts-per-billion level sensitivity in less than 60 seconds*
Stability- minimal drift over 24 hour periods
Rugged- vibration insensitive, wide temperature operational range
Low maintenance costs


Simultaneous analysis of multiple components in a mixture, includingspectrally interfering compoundsOn-line process quantitative analysis of complex mixtures in real time(Bio)chemical kinetics real-time monitoringOptimized optical & mechanical design for ease of integration with gas,liquid and solids sampling accessories and sources.

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