Model HD-12-SS - Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender


Munson has been manufacturing high performance ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and plow blenders since 1960, and has most likely solved a horizontal blending problem precisely like yours numerous times. From sanitary blenders for labs, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food producers to robust, super-duty machines for soil reclamation, building materials and oil sludge treatment, Munson tailors each horizontal blender to satisfy specific application requirements.

Munson established the industry standard 2-to-1 agitator length-to-width ratio for optimum mixing performance. Every particle of material is subjected to agitation during loading, blending and discharge. Mixing capacity is calculated as approximately 70% to 80% of the total vessel volume, leaving ample room for material flow on the upswing side of the agitator. This also permits proper distancing of the spray manifold from the material bed surface, resulting in evenly distributed liquid additions.

While removable end panels are available, the standard Munson vessel design is a clean, one-piece welded unit. Heavy-gauge vessel walls and thick, completely reinforced end panels make Munson vessels extremely rigid. This allows for extremely tight agitator-to-vessel wall tolerances, resulting in a minimum of product left in the machine after discharge — a big advantage in cleanout.

Munson blenders are offered in a variety of materials of construction, including but not limited to carbon steel, #304 and #316 stainless steels, abrasion-resistant steel, Hastalloy and other exotics.

Interior finishes range from a standard clean mill finish to sanitary USDA Dairy finishes, including 2B, #4, and finer finishes. Interior weld polishes range from standard 80 grit clean welds to 240 grit radiused welds.

Two Blender Styles
Munson offers horizontal blenders in two Series that vary by materials of construction, fabrication and drive components.

  • SERIES HD Heavy Duty
    Both free-flowing materials and non-free-flowing products that are oily, moist, paste-like, or otherwise difficult to blend.
  • SERIES XHD Extra Heavy Duty
    Materials with extremely poor flow ability, abrasive materials or corrosive materials.

Free Lab Testing
Munson offers applications testing at its fully-equipped, 5000 sq.ft. test laboratory. Testing is generally free with the exception of material shipping costs. Customers are encouraged to observe testing and are always welcome at the factory. Demonstrator units are also available for short-term rental for customer in-house testing.

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