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Model LRHS-28m3-BRS - Walk-in Temeprature Chamber



Walk-in Temperature can simulate high and low temeprature environment to certify the performance of test items. Its size is large to contain big test items, such as vehicles. This test chamber is designed for testing airbag systems. The airbags will be fired/activated at right temperature and be shoot by a high-speed camera.

  • Test Chamber and control cabinet separate for convenienct operation
  • Huge viewing windows for good virsual effect.
  • Programmable touch-screen controller.
  • Controlling through display or remore PC is either available.
  • Data Logging, upload and download functions.
  • Moveable PT100 sensor to gather temperatures on specimen
  • Failure recording.
  • Real-time and history-time curve.
  • Programmable controller with touch-screen display. Data logging and download.
  • Rotational speed of rotary table is adjustable.
  • Six big cable access ports
  • With exhaust air system
  • Fixable and movable casters with great convenience.
  • Multiple protections on phase sequence, power leakage, etc.
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements

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