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Model MMO - Mixed Metal Oxide Anode



For many years “High Silicon Iron Anode” being used in impress current Systems had has a lot of deficiencies and weak points which caused many difficulties for the Cathodic Protection System Designers such as (high weight, fragility, short life time. Metal oxide (MMO) Anodes; The majority of such problems have been solved through their obvious distinctive capabilities such as low consumption rate, dimensional stability, and high current density. Furthermore, their central core is generally made of Titanium and coated with a layer of active metal oxide (Iro2 Ta2 o5), which is suitable to be used for soil, cock backfill, fresh water, sea water, saline water and concrete.

Considering the above mentioned facts and other economical and functional advantages of aforesaid new Anodes, The BORNA Electronic company, while having an experience of more than a quarter century in designing, producing, equipment sourcing and execution of Cathodic Protection Projects, has took an action for development and renovation of its manufacturing plants through providing and producing different types of MMO Anodes as an outstanding achievement of a new product, to meet industrial demands in wide variety of applications as followings:

General usages of MMO Anodes:

  • Bridge Overhaul & maintenance
  • Pipelines
  • Marin structures
  • Factories& refineries
  • Marin platforms
  • Protection of Tanks› Inneral surface
  • Bottom of storage tanks
  • Protection of Concrete structures

In this regards we have cooperation with “METAKEM”, a German company for MMO Anode depment.

Durability and stability of MMO Anodes:
MMO anodes have been designed in such a way to be stable and durable in simultaneous sense of chlorine and oxidized environment. In another words, by applying Mixed tal oxide (MMO) coating as an activation agent, the over potential for anodic chlorine d anodic oxygen evolution would be remarkably reduced, because the covering alyst of MMO Anodes provides a small electrical resistance for each Anode, which be resulted in lower consumption rate with regard to its life time. Thus MMO Anodes have the low consumption rate nearly between 4.0 – 5.0 mg/A. Year, depending on environment condition and application.

  • The Titanium substrate meets ASTM B 265 &338 &348 grad 1 or 2 standards and theMMO coating consists of mainly Iro2 and Ta2O5 catalyst.
  • The MMO coating can be increased or decreased depending on particular life/current density requirements. The titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode

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