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Model MP 1.4 - Multipress Press Container



20% savings on transport costs thanks to the redeveloped press geometry, our customers not only increase their competitiveness but also protect the environment.

A press container’s appearance plays an increasingly important role for our customers. Due to the innovative design and replaceable advertising materials, the Pöttinger press container blends perfectly with contemporary architecture and provides a unique advertising benefit.

Durability is the basic requirement even under the most adverse conditions. Our customers are guaranteed a long and trouble-free service life for their press containers due to the harshest test conditions and a longevity simulation on our in-house test bench.

MP 1.4: 1050 x 1860 mm => 1,4m³/stroke
The double return stop due to retaining claws and a 152 mm high step (trash holder) combined with the 334 mm retraction depth of the press-ram keep the press chamber free and constantly available.

Tilting device: Preparation provided as standard – no welding needed for retrofitting.

Operation: Phase adapter and connection for remote control are supplied as standard. The comfort package: automatic „container full“ warning sent by SMS so container can be collected in good time, electric cover opener and buttons for operating lift / tilt feed mechanism.

Rear side-hung or top-hung door: The back wall is easily converted from a sidehung door to a top-hung door. Standard 8-point locking system for leak-tightness.

Sloping press floor: Also qualifies the press container for use with wet waste. Reduced susceptibility to repairs in the press chamber as liquids remain in the container. The technology area is clean.

Concave press plate (of highly wearresistant steel): Cooperation between the sloping press floor and the concave press plate increases the level of compaction by up to 20%.

High-quality ram guidance: Special bearing-mounted, wear-resistant synthetic slide rails (guidance right/left/bottom) scan the press floor and walls ensuring a long service life and trouble-free operation of the ram. The press chamber is kept clean as an additional benefit.

Safety unlocking device and door catch: The operator is always out of the hazardous area when the back wall is opened. People who are not within the field of vision are protected by the special door catch.

Firm position due to new roller system.

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