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Model OmniDE (E) - Electric Automatic Bin lift



The OmniDE e is a low voltage, high level electric binlift with proven heritage offering robust build, safe operation & minimal maintenance. OmniDE~e shares its mechanical design components and safety enhancing benefits with the standard OmniDE but requires only 24v chassis electrical power for operation and has a host of efficiency saving features.

Environmentally friendly performance as standard
Designed to be compatible with future developments in electric & hybrid RCV technologies, the OmniDEe is equally compatible with diesel powered RCV’s but because it relies on electrical power alone offers significant savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Practically silent operation
The OmniDEe is extremely quiet, producing less than 57 dB(A) of noise in operation. Combined with its ability to operate without the engine running this is great news for light sleepers.

Minimal chassis and body preparation
Requiring only electrical power, the OmniDEe negates the need for a second pump on vehicle chassis’ & requires no hydraulic preparation. OmniDEe therefore offers a straightforward ‘bolt on, plug in & play on’ system to significantly reduce fitting times & body preparation costs.

Flexible mounting
OmniDEe suits a variety of applications. Mounting heights from 1250 up to † a maximum height of 1600mm are possible.

Low weight
OmniDEe bin lift weighs in from as little as 770kg.

Cushioned lift cycle
The OmniDEe enjoys a progressive soft lift action that enables even easier handling and container location.

Rear Protective Device (RPD)
The OmniDEe comes as standard with rear underwalk protection ensuring compliance with the requirements of European Norm EN1501.5. The sensor arrangement employed ensures that bin lift chair movement is frozen if a person (or obstruction) is detected inside the functional working area and the container is above 1000mm.

’Plug and Play’ wiring connections reduce downtime
The OmniDEe is designed to reduce downtime during unlikely repair work. All connections are ‘Plug and Play’ and easy to access, making replacement of defective components and/or wiring simple and fast.

Automatic Mode Changeover
OmniDEe features automatic cycle mode changeover for ease of operation & safety. As trade containers are presented, the intelligent control system selects ‘trade’ mode & the catcher bar moves to the correct position. Both chairs are levelled/raised to the optimum height & engage the bin to allow a safe, manually controlled cycle.

Multi-position lid opening for trade containers
The trade container lid opening device is able to cope with all trade container lids regardless of their position when presented to increase efficiencies by eliminating the need to move lids prior to lifting.

Automatic Shaker
OmniDEe is supplied as standard with an Automatic Shaker that can be set to shake bins either once or twice to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Terberg’s unique geometry ensures that containers are not kicked back towards operators during lifting. Folding safety arms conform to EN1501.1 and provide guarding against entry into the functional working space during operation.

Designed with dynamic weighing and RFID in mind
The OmniDEe is designed to integrate easily with weighing & identification systems, has a smooth operation to minimise ‘bin bounce’

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