Model RACN - RACNS - Process Pumps for Slurry



RACN-RACNS series impeller is open type designed with wide cross sections between the blades to pump, without any clogging problems, thick or highly viscous liquids with non-fibrous solid particles, and solutions with high solid content. It is suitable for heavy duty in the paper and cellulose industry (for pulp or stock with up to 10% concentration of solid content), in the sugar industry, in the chemical industry and in the farm- food processing industry

•    The new impeller design makes it possible for the pump to reach a high energy efficiency.
•    The casing is provided with replaceable wear plate, which can be adjusted externally, to maintain the clearance with the impeller constant so as to ensure the high efficiency of the pump.
•    Inlet nozzle with large dimensions to ease the suction of liquids containing a high percentage of solid particles and to reduce the impeller wear.
•    Heavy duty shaft, flexure on seal less than 0,05 mm.
•    Heavy duty support (RACNS) with oversized and higher lifetime bearing and higher stiffness granting pump heavy duty and less vibration.

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