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Model RSF 100 - Stormwater Filter



Most experts agree that, wherever feasible, effective collection of gross pollutants as close as possible to the source is desirable.


Primary treatment devices not only reduce the level and concentration of gross pollutants in drainage networks and ultimately our waterways, but they also lower the risk of pipe blockage and consequently, the potential for flooding. They are also often a cost-effective alternative to larger, and more costly in-line/end-of-line systems.


It is here that our focus on solutions rather than products is evident. We always aim to provide the best solution to your problem.


Ecosol specifically developed the patented Rapid Stormwater Filtration (RSF) technology to overcome the limitations of traditional primary treatment systems such as trash racks and poorly designed litter baskets.


The at-source RSF 100 is installed into new or existing side entry pits of varying sizes and pipe dimensions, usually close to pollution-generating catchments such as shopping centres, schools and car parks. The RSF 100 has an independently-verified capture rate of greater than 95% of solids greater than 1.5mm, although Ecosol has found that, in practice, even better results are achieved (refer to the pollutant removal efficiency table below).


Capture efficiencies can be improved further with the installation of a 200µm mesh filter.  This collects 94% of solids greater in size than 200µm and 53% greater than 50µm.


The RSF 100 treats 100% of the incoming flow until the collection basket is full, then by clever use of a patented by-pass mechanism it switches into by-pass mode to prevent flooding or surface ponding, a common weakness of other at-source litter baskets.


As with all of Ecosol’s products the RSF 100 meets all environmental authority guidelines and has been independently tested at a NATA-approved facility, more detail here.


The RSF 100 is made from durable and reliable materials that ensure longevity and safe operating for its expected life. Only the highest-quality, corrosive-resistant materials are used in the manufacture of all Ecosol units. For more information about materials used and their expected life.


The ease of installation and affordability allows multiple units to be installed in problem areas and this approach can often be more cost-effective than larger in-line/end-of-line solutions that treat stormwater nearer to discharge into our waterways.


However, the flexibility of our approach means that if the RSF 100 is not the most appropriate solution for your project you will most likely be able to use one of our other products.


If you would like to store and use the valuable rainwater treated by the RSF 100 then you should consider our unique fully-contained RST 7000 Rainwater Storage and Re-use system, that can be installed downstream of the RSF 100 to provide an integrated at-source water treatment and re-use system.  The RST 7000 enables you to use the treated rainwater for watering gardens, in washing machines and equipment washdowns. Click here for more information on this exciting new product.


The RSF 100 has been installed in more than 10,000 locations throughout Australia and overseas. To see a sample from our projects listing and read some case studies click here.


To learn how the RSF 100 works read below or use the specifying form to provide us with details about your project so that we can provide you with a quote.




Solid pollutants conveyed in flows from the upstream pipe are filtered through the basket positioned directly below the upstream pipe invert. The filtered stormwater then continues down through the unit to the downstream outlet pipe.


As the basket approaches 90% full, the by-pass flaps begin to open in response to the incoming flow. Once the basket is 100% full, the pressure of the incoming flow forces open the by-pass flaps allowing the e

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