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Model SP-1105/1105E - Visible Spectrophotometer



SP-1105 is an ideal upgrade product for colleges' basic laboratories, and other routine laboratories, such as food and healthy, biological engineering, modern agriculture, environment monitoring, etc. It's also used as an on-field detecting device in corporations that let wastes, such as iron and steel industry, food, paper making, plating, printing and dyeing, surgar refining, electricity generating, and so on.

  • Novel designed auto-collimated light path with grating monochromator, guarantees excellent optical performance.
  • The SCM technology enables the instrument to be intelligent and digital.
  • Function of 0%T and 100%T self-adjusting, which enables the operation simple and human.
  • Large display with LCD, which enables the testing parameters be dispalyed as transmittance, absorbance, and concentration.
  • High precision of data processing that reaches one percent of a hundred thousand, which makes the transform between transmittance and absorbance with little error be possible.
  • Filters auto-switching at the whole wavelength rage, enables the instrument without additional manual operation.
  • Switching power supply, with self-adaptive inputting voltage of 85-264VAC, (that is abbreviated to 'SMPS'), guarantees that the instrument can work normally with different power supply at any environment.

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