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Model X5Nav - Navigation Device



Personal Navigation Device combined with LIVE tracking, battery powered, messaging, internal antennaLook again. This is not a typical personal navigation device. It's the X5Nav from US Fleet Tracking.Oh, sure, it does navigation. It also tracks the vehicle LIVE everywhere it goes with industry-shattering, 10-second updates allowing you to see it move turn-by-turn from any web browser. And of course, you can send and receive messages to/from your drivers through the web browser. No delays. LIVE.

Send and receive messages between your drivers and any Internet capable computer. Imagine having the ability to dispatch service calls directly to your vehicles and receive a message back from your drivers that they are on location and have arrived at their intended destination! Additionally, you’ll know that the route was the most efficient one taken, which drives additional profits to your bottom line. Watching your bottom line LIVE, turn-by-turn, can save you money on fuel costs and labor.And it’s all nicely integrated into a single neat, tidy package. No maze of wires. Just turn it on and go. It’s so simple.

Product Category: Devices
Dimensions: 3.19 in × 4.88 in × 0.78 in
Product Power Supply: Battery
Battery Life: 1 to 2 hours
Extended Battery: No
Portable: Yes
Antenna: Internal
90-Day Historical Playback: Yes
Product Life Cycle: Legacy

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