Northland Farm Systems

Model Z17 - Compact Excavator


The ergonomic operator's cabin on the Z17 provides excellent visibility and easy entry and exit. Walk-through canopy for easy entry and exit. Excellent visibility in all directions allows safe and efficient operation. Rear mirror provides a view of the back and side of the machine for additional safety. Work lights and integrated boom light enhances the operator’s view after dark.


The controls on the Z17 are ergonomically designed and easy to use.

  • Large travelling pedals are easy to press and allow confident, reliable work.
  • Pilot operated joystick controls are operated by simple wrist movements, reducing fatigue during a long workday.
  • One-way auxiliary functions can be controlled by a foot pedal, allowing optimal control of high-flow attachments such as compactors or breakers.
  • The operator can easily select from ISO or standard operating control patterns with the flip of a mechanical lever.

  • Operating Weight with Canopy: 3,836 lbs.
  • Operating Weight with Cab: N/A
  • Max. Digging Depth: 7'2.6'
  • Max. Vertical Wall Digging Depth: 6'0.8'
  • Max. Reach at Ground Level: 12'2.1'
  • Transport Length: 11'3.8'
  • Undercarriage Length: 5'0'
  • Max. Digging Height: 12'1.3'
  • Max. Dump Height: 8'7.5'
  • Minimum Front Swing Radius: 5'0.4'
  • Transport Height: 7'6.6' 
  • Blade Below Ground: 8.1'
  • Overall Base Width: 3'1.4'/4'2.4'
  • Track Width: 9.1'
  • Ground Clearance: 6.9'
  • Parallel Offset Right: 2'1.2'
  • Parallel Offset Left: 1'3.7'
  • Rear End Swing Radius: 2'1.2'

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