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Multi Test Moisture Meter



The result is displayed on the multitest screen in a single operation. Easy, fast and reliable are the advantages of this device ! The multitest is a new generation moisture tester which uses dielectric technology with automatic temperature compensation.  The studying design, its ABS casing, its aluminium flight case, makes it a robust tool !

Thanks to our laboratory, additionnal services can be given :

  • To calibrate your specific grain
  • Optimise your settings
  • Update the software, with internet support (USB cable included)

Exclusive Harvest'Estim
In association with the kit threshing stationary, you can estimate your  crop yield before harvesting operation.

  • Collect aera of 0.25m ².
  • Transfer the grain sample in multitest.
  • Repeat the process several times.
  • Read directly from your samples at Q / Ha

Crop yield estimation before harvesting, in quantity and quality:

  • Useful to the farmer and to the cereal stockist.
  • An aid to comparing trial crops without harvesting.
  • A tool for experts in assessing crop damage.
  • A necessity for the agro-food industry.

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