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The Nor850 measurement system is the state-of-the-art acoustical analyser from Norsonic. Using the experiences and accumulated knowhow from the previous generations of analyser, Norsonic is offering a unique multi-channel system. The software Nor850 Suite is connecting a variable number of individual measuring units to create the optimal system that suits any measurement task. Dedicated user-friendly offer the following application packages:

  • The Nor850 system offer various application modules developed for the most efficient operation within building acoustics, sound power and general sound analysis. Further application packages are planned for sound intensity, advanced building acoustics, environmental noise, and more…
  • The application packages are all written in the new Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation software environment which opens up a new world of user friendly features. In the heart of the Nor850 software there is a sensor database containing all possible information about each customer complete list of measurement transducers (microphones, accelerometers, etc.), measuring channels, serial numbers, producers, calibration values, verification laboratories, verification dates, correction data, etc.
  • By connecting a number of individual measuring units through various communication channels – including both standardized LAN and USB inter- faces – the user may create the optimal multichannel system for any task. Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WLAN is also available.
  • Choose between any mix of measuring units based on the Nor140 single channel unit and the multichannel Nor850 MF1 rack containing 1 - 10 channels.
  • The Nor150 with v1.2 firmware may be used as measurement frontend.
  • The multichannel system Nor850 may be expanded as the needs grow.
  • As all connected front end channels communicate digitally with the controlling PC, any kind of errors introduced by long analogue cables are avoided. No need to worry about tear and wear on long microphone cables!
  • Individual units for each measuring channel offer a very high degree of operating flexibility. It allows the user to operate a multichannel system one day – and many individual measuring units another day!
  • Each individual unit may be homologated by an independent verification laboratory which means that even the entire multichannel system may be homologated!
  • Reference spectrum with QA/QC test.
  • 3D and Spectrogram windows available for multispectrum measurements.
  • Graphical A-weighting of displayed frequency spectra.
  • Measurements based on Nor850 General Mode may be read into NorReview software version 6.x for further investigations.
  • A special Marker Bar enables the operator to set single or toggle markers along the time-line during the measurement which later may be found in the NorReview software.
  • Complete setups may be stored with a lock which avoids other users to change current setup files.
  • Enhanced features for multichannel calibration viewed on external devices.
  • A Scheduler feature allows the automated progress of an entire sound insulation test (level, reverberation and background) without any acceptance from the operator. Hence, complete test may be performed automatically.
  • Scheduler control of microphone booms and TTL-output lines.
  • The new ISO 16283 with the special corner measurements is implemented as a “Standard”.
  • View all RT values (T15, T20, T30 and Tmax) simultaneously in the tabular view.
  • Possible to select required RT function after the measurement.
  • When performing reverberation time measurements in multiple positions, a feature for Ensemble averaging may be used to average the decay curves before calculation the reverberation time value.
  • Special reverberation time calculation for ASTM C423 Absorption Standard.
  • Re-use measurement data for other measurement Standards.
  • Single frequency measurements with band pass noise excitation to improve signal to noise for both level and reverberation time measurements.
  • Combined Background+Level measurement mode.
  • Adjacent band testing with flexible maximum setting.
  • Date/time of each measurement in the tabular window.
  • Enhanced multi project features with easy drag&drop of measurement data.
  • Complete Group saving for multiple projects.
  • A Multi-Rating view is available for displaying all available ratings – even from multiple projects.
  • Direct read-in of temperature, humidity and pressure to Rating menus.
  • Parameter input in both metric and US formats.
  • Import of Norsonic -.nbf and -.sdf measurement files (Nor118, Nor140, Nor121, Nor840).
  • Import of NorBuild project files by drag&drop from NorXfer.
  • TTL control feature for use of moving loudspeakers.
  • Start/stop control for Nor277 Tapping Machine.
  • Automatic contest of Nor265 Microphone Boom.

The new module is following the same graphical user interface principles as the Building Acoustic module. That means the operator make a pre-selection of the appropriate Standard to follow, and the system is ready for use immediately after entering essential information such as size of object, etc. Supported Standards are the ISO 3741, ISO 3743-1, ISO 3743-2, ISO 3744, ISO 3745, ISO 3746, ISO 3747 and ISO 6395.

Using the multichannel capabilities of the Nor850 system ensures a much quicker test measurement than the Norsonic previous NorPower software. Even large measurement setups with 12-16 measurement channels are tested in a few seconds with the final calculated sound power level report available on the spot. The Nor850 system even calculates the standard deviation for all the microphone positions in use and presents this as a ‘spread’ in the graphical view.

When all required microphone positions are measured, both for surface and background levels, the system automatically calculates the Sound Power of the product and display the resulting sound power frequency spectrum.

In the tabular part of the display, the operator may click on the various results in order to view graphically the surface level measurement results, the Reference Sound Source measurements, or the background noise measurements. Even combinations of all these results are possible. If desired, the operator may choose to display the standard deviation calculated from all the measured microphone positions.

A push on the Excel-report key generates the final report in an excel format as specified by the selected Standard.

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