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newterra's modular membrane bioreactor solutions support remote work camps and bring cost-effective, decentralized sewage treatment to communities and developers. Our patented MicroClear® UF membrane technology delivers treated effluent that meets the highest regulatory standards – allowing direct discharge and water reuse.

Treatment Targets:

Biological Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids, Bacteria, Total Coliforms, Ammonia, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Turbidity

newterra is at the forefront of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology and its use in a wide range of wastewater treatment applications. Membrane bioreactors combine conventional activated sludge (CAS) treatment with a membrane liquid-solid separation process – thereby eliminating both the cost and space requirements of secondary clarification, aeration and filtration.

Every day around the world, newterra membrane bioreactor systems are transforming millions of gallons of sewage into near-potable quality water for resource industry work camps, for municipalities, developers and resorts, and for food & beverage processors.


The flow of incoming sewage varies by time of day. The Equalization tankbalances out peak flow events to ensure a steady & homogenized flow rate. Physical treatment is on the incoming sewage to remove nuisance debris.

Process Zone

Air is continuously added through diffusers to maintain an aerobic environment where suspended bacteria oxidize organics and ammonia. For more stringent effluent criteria, dentrification and/or phosphorus removal can be incorporated.

Membrane Filtration
Mixed liquor is drawn through the MicroClear® membranes, which act as a physical barrier to suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

  • Scaleable: Our modular systems can expand and/or contract as capacity requirements change – and be redeployed at the end of a project. Developers can defer infrastructure spending by phasing in sewage treatment capacity in parallel with the phases of a project.
  • No Costly On-Site Construction: Our systems are constructed in our MET-certified facility. Prior to shipping, they are pre-plumbed, pre-wired and undergo comprehensive testing, allowing fast installation and minimal site work.
  • MicroClear® UF Membrane Technology: Our advanced flat sheet membrane system is compact, modular and provides exceptional permeate quality.
  • Maximum Uptime: Proven, standardized components and strategic redundancy to allow continuous operation – even during maintenance procedures.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control: Systems feature sophisticated controls and advanced telemetry for 24/7 monitoring, diagnostics and control from anywhere.
  • Onsite Sludge Dewatering: We offer integrated sludge dewatering; filter cakes are suitable for incineration, landfill or use as fertilizer.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Air scouring and periodic membrane relaxation prevent fouling; chemical cleaning is required only 1-2 times per year.
  • Operator-Friendly: Our ground-level module removal system is good example of the design considerations we incorporate for easy servicing.

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