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- Bird Scare Predator Eye



Bird Scare Predator Eyes are an economical and versatile method for spot control of nuisance birds. They can be hung from any overhanging structure or from Nixalite’s Predator Eye Mounting Bracket. Used indoors and out, each 14' diameter ball is available in either Black or Yellow. For best results, vary the positions, colors and string length of the Bird Scare Predator Eyes every two weeks. This helps prevent the birds from getting accustomed to the deterrent. Remember that this is a spot control and is designed to deter birds in a very localized space. For larger spaces or open fields, use additional Bird Scare Predator Eyes.

Predator Eye Applications:
Garages, patios, decks, machine sheds, barns, stables, grain storage, individual trees, gardens, marinas, orchards, warehouses, around pools, potting sheds, over parked cars, etc.

Available in cases of 12

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