- Professional Mouse Control Combo Pack



Fresh Cab Botanical Repellent 4 - Pack - All Natural Ingedients / NO Toxic Chemicals Repel rodents naturally with the only rodent repellent registered for indoor use. Repels rodents in enclosed storage areas such as attics, garages, basements, storage units, sheds and pantries. Use in enclosed spaces such as stored auto's, RV's, airplanes, boats and more.

  • It's Safe & Natural: Keep your kids and pets safe
  • Uses bio-based ingredients like natural oils, corn husks, lavender, fir, cedar, lemon and clary sage
  • It is the only EPA registered botanical rodent repellent for indoor storage areas
  • It Smells Great! It adds a very pleasant fresh, woodsy scent to your home or business
  • Can last three times longer than the closest competitor, so you buy less
  • Easy to use - Simply distribute pouches around any uninhabited and enclosed area
  • EPA Reg. No. 82016-1   EPA Est. No. 82016-MN-001

  • For occasional rodent sightings, begin Fresh Cab treatment with one pouch per average sized room or storage area, placed near entry points where rodents might gain entry. Apply pouches around obvious food and water sources. Increase the number of pouches until desired results are achieved.
  • Heavier infestations may require more pouches per area. For mouse prone areas use 1 pouch per 125 square feet for protection. Replace when the scent is no longer strong to the nose. For heavily infested areas, use one pouch per 8 square feet of floor space placed at area entrance for up to 30 days of maximum protection.

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