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Attached Growth Biological Reactors (AGBR®) provide an environment to efficiently breakdown wastewater, providing a high-quality effluent safe for discharge. NOMADIC™’s AGBR® mobile sewage treatment systems utilize fixed activated sludge treatment (FAST®) to provide a complete and versatile sewage treatment systems.

Some features of NOMADIC’s AGBR mobile sewage treatment systems include:

  • The system handles wide variations of flow with no washout of the biomass because it is an attached growth system.
  • The system is less expensive than standard pre-fabricated package treatment plants.
  • The system requires minimal operator attention and utilizes activated sludge return process.

AGBR – How it Works:

With three treatment steps in one tank, the AGBR system is ideal for on-site treatment applications. Influent enters the system and is circulated through the submerged media in the aeration tank. Bacteria are then “fixed” or attached to the media. This prevents hydraulic peaks from washing the bacteria out while providing a higher surface area-to-volume ratio. A zone underneath the media exists for the activated sludge to settle and be collected for further digestion within the NOMADIC’s treatment environment. The AGBR’s advanced treatment levels allow for a variety of discharge arrangements.

NOMADIC AGBR Shipping and Placement Options

NOMADIC’s AGBR mobile sewage treatment systems are customizable, and can be configured to suit your particular work camp. All AGBR systems are housed in heated and insulated containers complete with a skid and roll bar assembly. Our rugged containment systems are built to withstand the elements of any location around the world. Some shipping and containment options for our AGBR mobile sewage treatment systems include:

  • Shipping Container – Available in 20’ or 40’ containers, able to be shipped anywhere in the world.

  • Structural Building - NOMADIC will custom design the structural housing for the AGBR system to fit any remote work site on the globe.

  • 18’ Treatment Trailer – Towable, versatile and sturdy, this option is a perfect mobile sewage treatment solution.

We are able to customize any of the following standard models to meet your specific remote work camp sewage treatment needs.

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