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Non-Ferrous Processing and Separation Application. Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling is a large industry focusing on the recovery of metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and even precious metals from electronic scrap. The applications and needs of non ferrous metal recyclers vary greatly. These can include a large corporate recycler buying UBC bales for shredding to be converted back into beverage cans or a small recycler who is recovering precious metals from circuit boards or catalytic converters.

Whatever your size reduction needs are, Granutech Saturn Systems is proud to offer a shredding solution that will meet your needs. Our lineup of nonferrous shredding equipment is the most comprehensive in the business.

Granutech-Saturn’s line-up of shredders offers versatility not found with other manufacturers. Our hammermills can shred non ferrous metals of all sizes at rates between 1-30 TPH. Our line of dual shaft shredders and quad shaft shredders can process whole bales and can be used as pre-shredders or final size reduction depending on the way they are equipped. Our MAC® Balers and loggers offer low and high density bale and log options and can be portable or stationary. Last but not least, the Saturn Roto-Grind and other model shredders, and Grizzly grinders, offer excellent sizing of incoming material with a versatile variety of feeding options.

Our line of non-ferrous shredders and hammermills are designed to provide the specific size reduction requirements and functionality that recyclers of non-ferrous scrap need.

  • Drives from 50 to 1250hp
  • Hammermills that can offer high volume size reduction and low fines generation.
  • Dual-shaft models can be used for shredding bales or drums and are very tolerant of tramp metals
  • Quad-shaft models that offer excellent sizing with an integrated sizing screen

Our shredders are commonly equipped with systems to further upgrade the material that has been liberated by the shredding process. These systems can include conveyors, trommels and classifiers, drum magnets, eddy current magnets, and other finder technology.

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