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Non-Metal Sludge Collector


Non-metal sludge collectors are designed and fabricated according to ASME ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and they are designed, constructed and installed in accordance with the best practices and methods.

The main parts of our product are designed to be easily replaceable and compatible with products made from other manufacturers. Linkon chain can be used, being mixed with chains from other manufacturers and simple adaptors make it possible that sprockets can be assembled with various sizes of shaft.

High Quality and Environment-friendly Product
We manufacture high quality products based on strength, fatigue and wear considerations. We use eco-friendly recyclable engineering plastic, which help promoting harmony between human and nature, saving waste treatment cost as well.

Long Operating Life and Low Maintenance Cost
Chain and Sprockets are made of material which is non-corrosive and abrasion resistance. In addition, they are designed by technology such as double life type sprocket and save rim. This guarantees long operating life and reduces maintenance cost.


Designed and fabricated according to ANSI standard.
All non metal sludge scrapers are designed and fabricated according to ANSI, American National Standards Institute, standard, and are compatible to existed sludge scrapers Installed.

Green materials are selected.

100% recyclable materials are applied. The products completed their duration are not classified as industrial biomass. Our material is a 100% recyclable.

No so many spare parts stocked required.

The sprockets which request to purchase so many spare parts in case the axis diameter  of initial and secondary settling tank is differ from each other do not request purchase so many spare parts in our system, because the diameter of our sprocket is changed by inserting of a simple adapter. This means that a separate stock of spare parts is not required.  No effected by each chain type(for Complete Compatibility)
Each part of this sludge scraper will be easilycompatible to each axis diameter and chain type such 'pintle' and loop ' chain. The important parts of product are designed tobereplaceable and compatible to different products.

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