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- Model HBC-4301A - Multi-Zone Hot Bonding Controller


The Novatech HBC-4301 is a feature-packed Hot Bonding Controller designed to suit the requirements of today’s aviation and composite industries. Providing accurate temperature control for the manufacture and repair of composite or metal bonded components. The HBC-4301a is a versatile electronic / vacuum control case, capable of controlling both temperature and vacuum, using a computer that can be operated up to 100m away. The computer interface has been designed to provide simple graphical configuration of the device, as well as a comprehensive overview and logging during operation.

Summary of Features
  • Controls 3 independent heated zones
  • Inputs for 16 thermocouples
  • Two programmable vacuum pumps
  • Configuration and monitoring done on a PC connected via USB
  • Comprehensive graphical displays showing thermocouple temperature and vacuum control in real-time.
  • Loud built-in buzzer (~85 decibel) to alert the operator of any alarms
  • Built-in adhesive profiles with the ability to automatically adjust soak times during operation for optimal results
  • Detailed records and logs of all cure cycles are produced on completion.
  • Database of completed cycles is archived to the PC for later review
Connect Two Controllers Together for Twice the Power

For jobs that are too large for one controller, two controllers can easily be connected together and operated as one, expanded to 6 heat zones with 32 thermocouple inputs.

This allows for greater flexibility with larger or more complex jobs while minimising the physical size and weight of each controller case.

Constant Visual Feedback via the Computer Interface

The HBC-4301a hot bonding controller is configured and monitored using a PC connected via USB.

While in operation, all thermocouple temperatures can be viewed in a single table, or the control temperature for each heated zone can be viewed on a graph against the zone set-point.

With this information the operator will know immediately if there are any problems with temperature control and can respond before it escalates.

Temperature Profiles

The PC Interface provides simple configuration of the device using tables and graphs.  Temperature profiles can be created and saved with meaningful descriptions for later use.  This allows a simple means of quickly reconfiguring the bonder for different applications while minimising user error.

Adhesive Profiles and Guaranteed Soak Completion

Temperature, vacuum and time are all critical when it comes to good bonded repairs.  With this in mind the HBC-4301a interface has several features specifically designed to ensure that every bond is given the correct conditions to fully cure.

Adhesive profiles can be created using the PC Interface and selected by the operator before commencing a cure cycle.  When an adhesive profile is selected the bonder will perform several checks before commencing the heat cycle, as well as automatic adjustments during the cycle

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