- Air Release Property (LAV)



Air release property is the period in minutes after which the air disperged in oil is again released up to a residue of 0,2 Vol.%. Air is blown into the oil sample through a defined valve at a defined pressure and time. Via the density, depending on the time, the release of the disperged air bubbles is recorded graphically till the volume remains unchanged. The air release time is taken from this graph.

The air release properties change during operation due to contamination, mixture or acids. Too much air in the oil reduces the building of an adequate lubricating film, for example in slide bearings of turbines. Air bubbles disperged in oil may reduce the function of hydraulic systems and cause cavitation. A considerably increased content of air bubbles in the oil can cause the so called “Dieseleffect”.

The air release properties in comparison with those of the fresh oil support statements regarding the further use of the lubricating or hydraulic oil or at critical operation conditions or breakdowns.

  • OELCHECK Test equipment: Prüfnormalab Analis P 688
  • Sample quantitiy needed: 200 ml
  • Unit: min (minutes)
  • Test result: Air release time
  • Result range: 0 - 59 min
  • Operating time: ~ 0.5 – 1.5 h
  • Analysis of: Turbine and hydraulic oils

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