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OELTECHNIK oil supply units have been supplied as so-called compact units. The delivery program ranges from modular standard units to special lubricant, sealant and standard oil units and water injection units. These are used mainly in process compressors in industrial use. OELTECHNIK supplies complete engineering in accordance with the customer’s requirements. This means that the units are fitted out with both appropriate process technology and measurement and control technology. If required, international regulations of the petrochemical industry or the standards of the American Petrol Institute (API) can be taken into account during construction. Basically, all units are designed to operate in continuous service and guarantee an enormously long service life.

OELTECHNIK has designed, engineered, tested and continuously improved its oil system product in response to the needs of the turbo machinery equipment manufacture. In-house testing facilities allow customers to witness oil system tests according to API 614 and other customers' specified requirements. OELTECHNIK's oil consoles are special engineered systems designed to perform an exceptional job in:

  • Controlled oil cooling
  • Filtering of all abrasives from bearings and other sources
  • Degassing the oil coming into the system

OELTECHNIK has supplied lube, seal and control oil system to the international market for over 35 years. Oil systems designed and manufactured in accordance to API Standard 614 are a daily routine.
OELTECHNIK's oil systems are in use worldwide. Our design and manufacturing capabilities cover all international design codes and national regulations. As oil coolers, filters, accumulators, and occasionally also oil reservoirs are considered pressure vessels, they have to be built according to codes and regulations of the country of installation. With us you can establish a world wide standard of your product since we have the knowledge, capability and certified authority to build pressure vessels to all international design codes and national regulations.

Typical applications:

  • Compressors systems
  • Off gas expander
  • Lube oil systems for process pumps
  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines

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