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Oil Filtration And Reconditioning Systems



For renewal of: Hydraulic fluids / Lubricating oils. Cutting fluids / Oil & water based coolants. EDM - dielectric fluids / Synthetic oils. Performance: 180-600 gph.

  • Protect expensive machinery from damaging dirt and abrasives
  • Quick payback - Save disposal costs, re-use filtered liquid and lower biocide usage
  • No down-time while restoring liquid to original level of cleanliness
  • Optional coalescers to separate immiscible fluids

Oil contamination is the major cause of hydraulic equipment failure.
Even fresh oil, right from the drum, may contain contaminants at levels exceeding new equipment manufacturers' standards. Petroleum products such as hydraulic fluids don't wear out. Filter them to like-new condition. Add new product only to make up for losses and to replenish additives.

Trans-O-Filter Systems effectively filter petroleum and synthetic fluids to remove abrasive grit and damaging sludges which contaminate and accumulate in hydraulic and lubricating oil circuits and reservoirs. They protect your machinery and system investments by eliminating pump damage, scored cylinders and the malfunction of valves and controls attributed to the destructive action of dirty or rancid oil. These systems offer you high flow rates and large dirt holding capacities in very compact packages. Each unit is designed to be completely self-contained; consisting of pump, motor, suction strainer and hoses. Carbon steel filter chamber will accommodate filter media down to 1 micron retention to meet your specific requirements. (Order filter media separately.)

Oil reconditioning stations salvage contaminated oils for further use by removing sludges, water and other suspended foreign material.
Systems accelerate natural settling action with controlled elevated temperatures. Residual fine particulate are then removed by a polishing filter of inert depth type media. If removal of oxidation products is desirable, the polishing filter can be equipped with adsorbent Fuller's Earth.

Optional coalescing chambers provide a means to separate immiscible fluids such as tramp oil or water. These coalescers will handle dissimilar liquids with specific gravity differences of 0.09 and greater. The resulting effluent contains less than 10 PPM of the discontinuous phase.

Standard trans-o-filter systems include:

  1. Carbon steel filter chamber with 75 psi maximum rating. 'O'-ring closure is EPDM on portable model, Buna-N on all others.
  2. Positive displacement self-priming gear pump with built-in relief valve set at 35 psi, Buna-N mechanical seal and 40 mesh suction strainer. Motor: 115- 230V/1/60, 1725 RPM, TEFC, with 8 ft. of 3-wire extension cord and 3-prong plug. Units wired 115V standard.
  3. Also available with air operated diaphragm pump, polypropylene with Teflon internals.
  4. 10' suction and discharge hoses (vinyl on portable; Buna-N and neoprene on others).
  5. Petcock vent and drain plug.
  6. Pressure gauge mounted on gauge snubber to indicate dirty filter.
  7. Completely assembled stationary models mounted on a vinyl coated steel base. Mobile models include 2-wheel upright hand cart with handle.
  8. Painted machine tool gray with two-part epoxy paint.
  9. Optional coalescing chambers include Pyrex sight glass and coalescing element .

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