Optical (NIR) Separators


Since 2014 Senro supplies optical separators which were developed with a completely own design and control system. By means of Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology, the Senro NIR separators are able to detect and sort a wide range of materials. In addition to the Near Infra-Red technology a colour camera can be applied with which materials can be sorted based on colour.

The Senro NIR separating systems are able to separate paper, cardboard, different types of plastic, and wood from different material flows regarding composition, particle size, colour and mixes of waste. We guarantee a high degree of purity of the sorted fraction.

The Senro NIR separators have an integral conveyor belt system which conveys the materials underneath an illumination and detection unit. This detection unit detects the pre-programmed materials and sends signals to the PLC software. The PLC software ensures that one or more air valves are actuated exactly at the right time. These valves, in turn, generate an air-pulse through which the materials which are to be sorted, will be ‘shot out’ of the material flow when it falls of the conveying belt. The length of the air-pulse corresponds with the length of the object.

Using our own design and control system as basic principle, we customize every NIR separator such that it is best suitable for the desired application, and that it achieves maximum effectiveness. Of course, we can also provide custom made supplying- and discharging conveyor belts.

Meanwhile, our NIR separators are being utilized at various international recycling plants to the full satisfaction of our (end)customers.

– wide range of application areas
– high accuracy
– high capacity
– variable widths (from 1000 u/i 2800mm)
– modular design (industrial and robust)
– fully adjustable
– driven separation roller instead of plate
– possible to combine with metal seperation
– full integration in automated process
– user friendly
– easy to maintain & low maintenance costs
– large expansion hood, preventing rebound
– remote access to software
– direct interface with light and detection unit
– visualization of sorting & calibration on HMI

– municipal solid waste (MSW)
– industrial waste
– construction and demolition waste
– commercial waste
– compost processing lines
– wood waste processing lines
– plastic waste processing lines
– fluff or RDF processing lines

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