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Optiperm is an innovation CHEMDOC, deployed since 2010 on a large number of industrial sites and having an important Return of experience very favorable. Optiperm revolutionizes approach to treatment of cooling towers.

Optiperm aims to treat the waters of cooling tower systems by membrane technology that reduces the environmental impact on two distinct aspects:

  • the reduction / elimination of the discharge volumes related to the deconcentration of the cooling towers,
  • reducing the use of anticorrosive additives and synthetic bactericides.

The problem :

Evaporation of water in a stream of air in cooling towers represents the main means of eliminating calories in these industrial processes.

The industrialists and operators of these installations have to face problems :

  • scale and deposits in exchangers (mineral precipitation, sludge, fouling,),
  • biological development of bacteria, algae, fungi, including Legionella,
  • concentration of minerals by evaporation of water

To combat the effects of these phenomena of scaling, biology and concentration, the usual solutions use two levers:

  • dosage of many chemicals, often dangerous for people and the environment (anticorrosion, acids, biocides, etc.). These products control the cleanliness of surfaces and fight against bacteria, in particular Legionella
  • Deconcentration purge, on average 50% of the water consumed is discharged into the natural environment

The OPTIPERM TAR solution

The use of reverse osmosis membrane technology coupled with eco-responsible chemical strategies allows the industrial:

  • reduce the use of chemicals by 50 to 80%,
  • reduce the cost of operating water and treatment by 30%, which in many cases allows a return on investment of less than 3 years,
  • to greatly improve the results of corrosion and biological control, in particular Legionella.

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