Ozono Elettronica Internazionale

- Ozone Package System



It is a package system which includes in the same unit: dryer, ozone generator, contact system and ozone destructor. Ozone is produced via an electronic system, corona discharge, that converts part of oxygen contained in the ozonator feed gas to ozone.   The ozone is then mix with the water to be treated. The water to be treated, is sent to the mixer at a maximum pressure of 3 bar r., ozone is added under pressure. Mixture is conveyed to the washing and disinfection system. On the ozonated medium some gases including also ozone are released,  they  are drawn and discharged to atmosphere with a content of ozone equal to  < 0.1 ppm.

On line disinfection plant with ozone, with contact tank

As alternative to OZOLINE,  there is also a plant with contact tank and recirculating pump. This system allows to increase the contact time between ozone and the liquid to treat, and the dissolved gas concentration.

Equipment is designed to prepare controlled quality water for disinfection and washing of:

  • bottles and container
  • fruits and vegetables
  • food-chemical-pharmaceutical-health circuits
  • ultra pure water
  • thermal circuits, swimming-pools, cooling water towers
  • drinking water
  • foods and/or foodstuffs
  • reverse osmosis membranes

Recent applications include:

  • sanitization of soils and crops from pathogens micro organisms
  • disinfecting and sanitizing of water in fish farming
  • treatment of mastitis and dermatitis in cattle and other applications in the field of animal

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