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- Heavy Duty/Bedding Separators



Solids-liquid separation is the solution for transportation, storage, odor, biosecurity, and bedding.

Support Frame
Hot-dip galvanized steel open frame support allows for pipe connection flexibility beneath separator.

The heavy duty wedge wire dewatering screen’s stainless steel construction produces high strength and extended service life suitable for manure solids-liquid separation. SEPCOM™ bedding separators feature the largest dewatering screen surface area on the market. Producing separated solids with a +35% dry matter. A wide selection of screen sizes are available. Screens are reversible for longer service life.

Internal Screen and Collecting Unit
Solids are further separated about 3-5% more due to the internal screen and collecting unit (located at the end of the unit). The remaining separated liquid is sent out the final liquid outlet.

Choice of Screw
Choose between two screw options:

  • Patented modular SINT™, an engineered, self-cleaning polymer screw. The FDA approved SINT™ screw provides reduced wear and enhanced capacity. 
  • Wear-resistant heavy duty stainless steel screw.

SINT™ is a trademark of WAMGROUP®. Patented in various countries. 

Stainless steel reinforced diaphragm outlet applies self-adjusting counter-pressure producing dryer consistent solids. Patented in various countries.

Your choice of motors, ask your Patz Dealer for details.

Loading Hopper
Stainless steel loading hopper resists rust for long service life.

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