Piper Environmental Group, Inc.

- Model 6 - Rental Ozone Trailer


Trailer #6 is our most addition to the rental trailer fleet, providing up to 6 lbs/day of ozone (120 gr/hr). This trailer is fully air-conditioned and heated. Using Piper’s pre-built trailer system will allow you to have a high-output ozone system with minimal time delays and expenses. In addition, our mobile trailer system may not require site plan or building permit approvals, as would a new, dedicated equipment building for a high-output ozone system.

  • 6lb/day ozone production; can be increased for lower pressure applications
  • High concentration ozone monitor with datalogging
  • Low concentration ozone monitor
  • 5 HP rotary screw air compressor providing up to 5 SCFM additional sparge air
  • 90 scfh oxygen concentrator with external storage tank
  • Optional telemetry features
  • 8 injection point solenoid-controlled manifold
  • Optional H2O2 injection feature
  • Ozone boost compressors with discharge pressure up to 50 psig, can be augmented for site specific application
  • Power Requirements: 230 VAC, three-phase, 70 amps

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