- Model MPP - Single Size Mini Sewer Pipe Plug - Pipe Balloon



Single Size Mini Pipe Plugs suitable for small size pipe sealing. This plugs are shorter then multi-size pipe stoppers. Block the flow by single size pipe balloons. Single Size Mini Pipe Plug called different name in the market such as small size pipe plug or single size stopper. Model Designation is Single Size Mini Pipe Plug (MPP). The main purpose of usage of MPP model is blocking pipe to stop flow (water, sewage water or drain water).

Pipe Plugs can be used for pipeline leakage test, if there is an available manhole on the line, the pipeline to be blocked from both side by two pieces MPP model plug and then the test water to be filled from manhole to test the system.

MPP models can use any sizes between 30 mm up to 300 mm diameter with 2,5 bar inflation bar. For plugs 30 mm up to 60 mm diameter, tire valve is used. For plugs 75 mm up to 300 mm diameter, ¼” quick coupler is used. MPP use just single size, not multiple size. They are smaller than multi size models and cheaper than multi size models.

MPP model pipe plug does not include bypass connection, but that includes inflation connection and holding hooks.

Material: That plugs are made from SBR+NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strong fabrics.

Dimensions: These plugs are available in many different sizes ranging from 30 mm to 300 mm.

Application: Pipes and circular tubes blocking the line to stop flow.

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