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Polyethylene Black Roll-off Liners



Our Dumpster Liners are disposable polyethylene container liners used in the transportation of bulk solids and liquids. We take pride in providing our customers with container liners that offer superior performance at great prices. Our Dumpster Liners are American-made utilizing high quality polyethylene and strong heat seals to ensure dependability and customer satisfaction. A form-fitted design guarantees easy installation and proper container fit. Our Dumpster Liners are utilized in rolloff containers, end dump trailers, rail gondolas, or lugger boxes. Custom orders for containers of almost any size are always welcomed. Green State Services has a huge inventory of the most common liner sizes and mil thickness ready for quick shipment.

  • Roll-off containers
  • End Dump Trailers
  • Lugger Boxes
  • Rain Gondolas
  • Custom Requests

  • E-Z installation
  • Excellent leak protection
  • Reduced washout costs
  • Odor and freeze control
  • Extended container life
  • Helps meet regulations

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