Sierra Sales Double Wall Plastic Tanks

Polyethylene Double Wall Tanks and Containment Basins


Safe double wall polyethylene bulk storage tanks. Polyethylene containment basins rotomolded poly or crosslinked poly for your vertical and upright tanks. Safe poly tank solutions for your chemical bulk storage and plastic IBCs. Including the worlds' largest all plastic IBCs; the 550 gal all plastic Megatainer IBCs.

  • 8700 gallon double wall tank system 142' diameter x 198' high
  • 10000 gallon double wall tank system 142' diameter x 198'high

Sierra Sales recommends, and certain federal, state and local regulations require that precautions are taken to prevent hazardous chemicals from spilling or leaking into our soil, lakes, rivers, streams and aquifiers.

Sierra Sales's poly containment basins and safe polyethylene double wall tank systems meet federal regulation 40CFR-264.193. Let Sierra Sales's experienced staff build safe poly double wall contained tank systems for your bulk storage requirements or plastic IBCs for your transportation needs. Sierra Sales's all plastic IBCs are priced to travel.

What are these plastic resins?

Sierra Sales's smaller poly double wall safe tanks can be equipped with equipment platforms for pumps, mixers, fill and 'top-unload' fittings. Put 'em on a hand truck and wheel the assembled safe poly double wall tank, with its own built in containment, anywhere in your plant.

Polyethylene open top tanks make great overflow basins and 'day tanks'. We have the size and resin required by your application; HDPE, HDLPE, HDXLPE, XLPE, and polypropylene.

Our polyethylene tanks are warranteed for three years against manufacturing defects. We'll replace or repair your poly tank, quickly when needed.

Check out our complete line of polyethylene cone bottom tanks, both open and closed tops. Sierra Sales has the most complete line of poly conical bottom tanks to 11,500 gallons in both crosslinked poly and high density linear polyethylene. HDPE, HDLPE, XLPE, HDXLPE and PP. If we can't rotationally mold one we can build one from fiberglass.

Poly horizontal tanks, horizontal leg, round, and elliptical polyethylene tanks are always in stock. Our poly horizontal leg tanks, up to 500 gallons, do not require restraining hoops.

Sierra Sales's complete line of polyethylene spill protection containment basins and solutions are manufactured in every possible configuration to help meet EPA and OSHA regulations. plastic IBCs containment, IBC stands, drum pallets, drum trays, and drum security containment vessels. Sierra Sales can supply 'off-the-shelf' safe poly double wall tanks with poly containment basins with capacities of 100 gallons through 10,000 gallons.

We'll configure leak detection, level indicators, and all your poly tank fittings faster than any tank supplier in the industry. With numerous shipping points, we'll keep your freight cost down. Put your poly tanks on a trailer and don't forget the poly containment basins also.

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