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Volpin Impianti S.r.l

Potable Water Treatment Systems


The systems for the treatment of drinking water that we sell are basically composed of a composite structure filters and can be used for civil and industrial use. We ca offer 3 different version of this product: the version that can be stoved under the sink, the snall cabinet that can be placed over the sink and the big standalone cabinet to be placed directly on the floor. As accessories to the drinking water we are able to offer Carbonation systems and water refrigerator. All products have been approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.

  • System Overheating
  • Silent cooling system
  • Adjustable thermostat for accurate temperature control
  • UV Sterilization System (Optional)
  • Prepared for the “types of application systems” for water purification
  • Filter to protect water from contamination
  • LED display easy and enjoyable
  • Base complete with adjustable feet
  • Protection for Children of the hot water tap

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