- Plastic Cells for Nitrogen Reduction


De-Nyte has been tested and proven to reduce nitrates in treated wastewater to well within drinking water standards. De-Nyte is patented and patent-pending. Only approved in New Hampshire and Maine. Presby Environmental has developed its own patented denitrification product designed specifically for use with the Advanced Enviro-Septic (AES) Treatment System. Situated just below an Advanced Enviro-Septic System, Presby’s De-Nyte System consists of a field of interconnected plastic De-Nyte cells.

Home and business owners, particularly those near property lines or surface water, are faced with treating wastewater and preventing the release of nitrates at the same time. Shore land and well water protection laws prevent many land owners from developing their property due to restrictions on the release of nitrates near surface water and wells. Some waterfront communities are condemning outdated septic systems and imposing stringent rules on replacement systems.

Effective wastewater treatment is essential to protect ground and surface water. Wastewater contaminants (including nitrates) kill aquatic life and foul ground and surface water, making it unsuitable for human consumption and recreation.

  • Significantly reduces nitrates from treated wastewater
  • May reduce nitrogen set backs as much as 75%
  • May allow building on land controlled by shore land protection laws
  • Costs less to install and maintain
  • Operates using an all natural, passive process
  • Requires no maintenance for a projected life of 20 years
  • Installs underground and out of sight
  • Protects our water resources


An array of De-Nyte cells is placed 6-12″ below an Advanced Enviro-Septic Treatment System. De-Nyte cells capture and treat nitrified wastewater using a carbon source. Nitrates are converted into harmless nitrogen gas and released back into our atmosphere.

De-Nyte was tested using wastewater treated by an operating Enviro-Septic Wastewater Treatment System in Stoke, Canada during 2004. As you can see, De-Nyte reduces the levels of nitrates (and nitrites) to1.09 mg/L, well within drinking water standards of 11 mg/L.

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