Primozone Production AB

- Ozone System Controller


The Primozone system controller is a sophisticated control unit that allows for safety, monitoring and control of the complete Primozone ozone water treatment system.

he system controller can be connected to external control systems and is very flexible.

With the Primozone system controller you can monitor and control up to five different ozone generators as standard. The amount of ozone needed may fluctuate over the year or even the day and with the Primozone system controller the ozone capacity will adjust proportionally. This automatic adjustment will save energy an thus keep the running cost for the entire ozone system at a low level.

Main features of the Primozone system controller

  • Monitor and control of up to 5 different ozone generators as standard
  • Automatic adjustment of ozone level according to water quality (REDOX/ORP etc)
  • Control of exact ozone levels produced at any given time
  • Possible to connect to SCADA or other control system
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Troubleshooting and log files

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