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- Oil Water Separators



PRM Oil Water Separators provide high efficient fluid separation with low maintenance that can operate as standalone systems or used with integrated packages. These industrial-duty units are designed for flow rates from 1 to 100 GPM. Higher flow rates can be manufactured upon request. Our separators are manufactured using heavy gauge 304 stainless steel and can be supplied with internal sumps or just the body only. Our field adjustable skimmers provide efficient separation for varying site conditions.

For applications with heavy solids loading we can incorporate slant rib clarification plates for precipitating solids into an integrated collection tank. An equalization surge tank is generally recommended prior to the oil water separator to optimize performance and insure separation especially with emulsified liquids. When designing the oil water separator it is good practice to size the system for the maximum potential flow rates.

PRM Standard Oil Water Separators:
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS10 – 1-10 GPM
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS20 – 2-20 GPM
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS30 –  3-30 GPM
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS40 – 4-40 GPM
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS60 – 5-60 GPM
PRM Oil Water Separator OWS100 – 5-100 GPM

  • Standard 304 Stainless Steel for long service life
  • 2” field adjustable dual exit skimmer for optimum efficiency
  • PVC slant rib coalescing medi
  • Flanged clean-outs with integral sump
  • Full gasket lid assembly with easy snap retainers simplifying removal

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