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- Model F - Digestible Peptides And Free Amino Acids


PRO-PEP F – A Source Of Highly Digestible Peptides And Free Amino Acids Derived From Hydrolyzed Protein. PRO-PEP F is manufactured under the strict quality controls you expect from International Nutrition. The active substrate is generated during the pharmaceutical process of extracting heparin from swine intestines. The extraction process eliminates any chance of bacterial contamination, creating an extremely safe product to use in complex diets. PRO-PEP F is easy to use, highly palatable and very cost effective as a replacement for fishmeal or in conjunction with reduced plasma protein supplementation.

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota confirmed PRO-PEP F can replace 100% of fishmeal in diets of weaned pigs while providing equal to slightly higher feed intake and performance. When compared to plasma protein, the feed intake of pigs consuming PRO-PEP F was slightly lower but the performance was not significantly affected.

Maintaining the quality of your feed while controlling feed cost is always a challenge. Using PRO-PEP F will help you reduce feed cost while supporting the high performance standards required in today’s competitive livestock industry. If you would like more information on PRO-PEP F, please contact us. We look forward to helping you meet your profitability goal.

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